Fit Female Test Bundle (Sub)

The Fit Female Weight loss Plan Averaging approximately 1200 calories this plan is targeted at the fermale who wants to hit the ground running and really reign in the calories per day, for quick and effective results. Based around 2 main meals and a breakfast daily, this plan has a range of different meal options for you to choose from! Note: All fresh daily plan bundles are only available currently in selected South Wales Regions (Cardiff County, Penarth, Barry, Rhondda, Llantrisant, Beddau, Church Village, Bridgend County, Neath, Port Talbot, Swansea) Don't forget to check the macro calculator to see if this is the right plan for your lifestyle and goal! All plan orders are processed for the following Monday start with a cut off of Friday morning 9am weekly. Deliveries will be fulfilled fresh daily, the day previous to consumption, each evening, kicking off on a Sunday.

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